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VALDIF (Miguel F. Valdivieso) painter, ceramicist, muralist.

  Born in Granada (Spain) in 1952.

Completely self-taught painter, Valdif is an outlier with a long history of contributions of great artistic interest and in many cases using techniques themselves, innovate and playing different styles, and whose works have been commissioned, exhibited and sold through different channels generally to regular exhibitions in art galleries.

Shows his first solo exhibition at the Art Center in Granada in 1975, which followed several solo and group exhibitions in Granada, Valencia, Murcia, Madrid, (Sala Toison) ... but gradually departs from these circuits. Valdif developed a technique based on marble sands allows his role muralist.

The visual impact of his works, it takes professionally and performing custom murals and original works for building entrances, hotels etc. It moves in the world of construction and decorating firms.

After creating his ceramic workshop in 1992 Valdif innovation over conventional motifs and friezes Arabs, giving them new designs and color ways. The Arab inspiration is present, but their treatments Valdif brings new dimensions to the rich geometry of ancient friezes Nazari, its contribution being valued by experts nominated by its eastern and clients as "New Arab"

Numerous Valdif work speaks for itself and is international. His murals adorn luxury hotels luxury in India (Kerala and Le Meridian Chain Mutoh ...) In Jordan, Kuwait, Malaysia ... In Spain has numerous achievements in buildings and hotels, serve as an example one of the most luxurious hotels in Ibiza: The Fenicia a Thalasso Spa. Stand mounted with their works in 8 International Trade and decorative holders of his works are well known personalities such as Princess Sheikha Hissa Saad Al Abdulla (Kuwat), Princess Beatrix of Hohenlohe, singer Julio Iglesias ...

In 2010 Valdif again contribute to the art world a new technique and a shift in theme, ranging from abstract to surrealism, parallel to an "awakening" of consciousness that also takes you to the literary world with his essay <The book given to causality> As "paintings ceramic sculptors" defined, and they resumed conventional channels of exposure, attending in 2013 with 6 sample works AHAF Asia Hotel Al Fair in Seoul (South Korea) and exposing the gallery Art question in Orense.

In 2014 Valdif signs contract for the sale of part of his work with <Wanson Art Gallery> 

2016  individual exhibition in El Centro Artístico Literario y Científico de Granada, with great notoriety, by the criticism of art, the press and television. His work will be on the cover and inside of the 2017 yearbook of international H.T. Art Magazine, and also in the 2017 yearbook published by critics and Greek artist Katerina N. Theofilis.

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